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Umbria Spoleto - Casale San Sabino

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Our Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is located in the front side of the farmhouse from where it is possible to see the whole plain in front of it and it is possible to admire the perched cities of Trevi, Spello and Assisi. The swimming pool is immersed in a field where sunflowers have been grown. The sunflower is a flowering plant native to the western United States where it was an important source of nourishment for local populations. In our continent it was introduced from the beginning of 1500 for ornamental and medicinal purposes. The vegetative cycle of the sunflower, which starts from sowing and ends with harvest, therefore when the flower is now dried, is very short, generally lasting about 100-130 days. Flowering of this long period is about 25-30 days, depending on the variety cultivated, the best time to admire the sunflowers is from June to September
Casale San Sabino S.A.S. Di Conti C. & C. Loc. Colle San Tommaso 22 Spoleto PG P.I. 03761240542
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